Even though it was just this weekend #tbt #throwbackthursday #edcorlando #edc #rave #rage #takemeback #flowerchild

Even though it was just this weekend #tbt #throwbackthursday #edcorlando #edc #rave #rage #takemeback #flowerchild

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Love is the definition of life.

The name is Ashley, and I'm 20. 100% Portuguese but livin in DIRTY JERZ (new jersey) I go to school at the University of Tampa and it's awesome! I'm a sophomore.
Yes, I'm a bitch, if you don't like it I don't care. I'm a hopeless romantic... YES I'M WILD, CRAZY, AND STRANGE!

My blog has pictures from anything to everything. You're gonna see animals, fashion, sexual things, and celebrities. I love to interact with all my followers so if you have questions or recomendations feel free to leave things in my ask box!!

So here's anything, I'm single... Kind of, i've had 2 boyfriends in my 20 years of living and the first was physco and the second broke my heart. I love the green ---> weed and money My parents busted me for weed so now I get drug tested randomly but heyy it's only a matter of time until i'll be in the University of Tampa to become a vet. (January) Im officially in Tampa and loving every single minute of it. So i lost 1/2 green but too bad my parents made me quit my job so now i have no money either but wait until i get to Tampa, I'll have all the green i get my hands on. <---- True fact now

I'm very frank about things and i'm also very opinionated. I love to take pictures of things so you'll find random pictures that i take.... MANY OF ME :) and if you like my random pictures then follow me on INSTAGRAM -----> ashleyheart93 So i'm a bit self centered and I won biggest Ego as a Senior in High School. I rather be overly confident then have no confidence at all. I know i'm not the skinniest or the prettiest but i'm happy with ME!! I hope you enjoy my blog because I do!! :)

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