I couldn’t ask to be in a better mood 🌺👾  #happy #smile #cheesin #selfie #piphi #ΠΒΦ #pearlywhites  (at Brevard Hall at the University of Tampa)

I couldn’t ask to be in a better mood 🌺👾 #happy #smile #cheesin #selfie #piphi #ΠΒΦ #pearlywhites (at Brevard Hall at the University of Tampa)

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Love is the definition of life.

Hello, I'm Ashley!! I'm 20. 100% Portuguese. I'm from New Jersey but now I'm in Tampa Studying Criminology/Criminal Justice at the University of Tampa.I'm a Junior. I also have a minor in business administration. I'm a hopeless romantic... YES I'M WILD, CRAZY, AND STRANGE!

My blog has pictures from anything to everything. You're gonna see animals, fashion, sexual things, and celebrities.Your also going to see me :) I love to interact with all my followers so if you have questions or recomendations feel free to leave things in my ask box!! and you can follow me on instagram @ashleyheart93

So here's anything, I'm single..., i've had 2 boyfriends in my 20 years of living and the first was physco and the second broke my heart. I love the outdoors, volleyball, soccer, hiking, tennis, zip-lining and I am a huge animal lover.

I'm very frank about things and i'm also very opinionated. I love to take pictures of things so you'll find random pictures that i take.... MANY OF ME :) and if you like my random pictures then follow me on INSTAGRAM -----> ashleyheart93 So i'm a bit self centered and I won biggest Ego as a Senior in High School. I rather be overly confident then have no confidence at all. I know i'm not the skinniest or the prettiest but i'm happy with ME!! I hope you enjoy my blog because I do!! :)

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